Staff and Volunteers

Junction 12 is run by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers

  • Staff
    • Libby Lobban Portrait
      Libby Lobban
      Project Leader
    • Karen Scott Portrait
      Karen Scott
      Administrator and Fundraiser
    • Craig Whyteside Portrait
      Craig Whyteside
      Trainee Project Worker
    • Katie Stott Portrait
      Katie Stott
      Trainee Project Worker
    • Jen Clokey Portrait
      Jen Clokey
      Deputy Project Leader
  • Board of Trustees
    • Jonathan Keefe Portrait
      Jonathan Keefe
    • Vicki Shaver Portrait
      Vicki Shaver
    • Robin Downie Portrait
      Robin Downie
    • Sandra Peacock Portrait
      Sandra Peacock
    • Phil Wray Portrait
      Phil Wray
  • Management Group
    • Joan Russell Portrait
      Joan Russell
    • Allan Munn Portrait
      Allan Munn
    • Marion Buchanan Portrait
      Marion Buchanan
    • Jo McNeish Portrait
      Jo McNeish
    • Sandy Scott Portrait
      Sandy Scott
    • David Ferries Portrait
      David Ferries
    • Fiona Beggs Portrait
      Fiona Beggs
  • Volunteers
    • Gordon McKie Portrait
      Gordon McKie
    • Susan Miller Portrait
      Susan Miller
    • Llinos Burt Portrait
      Llinos Burt
    • Grace Hill Portrait
      Grace Hill
    • Moira Wilkinson Portrait
      Moira Wilkinson
    • Libby Rodger Portrait
      Libby Rodger
    • Claire Bertram Portrait
      Claire Bertram
    • Christine McPhail Portrait
      Christine McPhail
    • Linda Campbell Portrait
      Linda Campbell
    • Scott Leonard Portrait
      Scott Leonard
    • Mark Mcclounnan Portrait
      Mark Mcclounnan
    • Stuart Beggs Portrait
      Stuart Beggs
    • Tim Hill Portrait
      Tim Hill
    • Jill McKie Portrait
      Jill McKie
    • Kyle McLachlan Portrait
      Kyle McLachlan
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